Bcsgift - Product benefits

Enhance Sales and Cash Flow

Consumers are making an average of two visits to use the entire value of their card, in addition as a research estimated 10 to 15 percent of gift card recipients never redeem the full value of a card, average recipients spends 20% more than their cardís value. Also gift card recipients bring new customer into stores that they might not have otherwise visited. More repeat business increase revenue and storeís cash flow.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Gift Cards are mini but powerful advertisement in the customerís wallet for 24hours 7days. It increases brand awareness, powerful marketing tools to attract new customer by itself. A little Card makes your customers come back to your store!

Increase Customer Loyalty

Trying to win a new customer can cost you up to 700% more than retaining current customer. Also a small 5 percent increase in repeat customers can double, even triple profits. Gift Card/Loyalty programs can be the first and good starting point of building loyal customer base what is more, it will be a great tools to improve customer retention.

Improve Store Management

Gift Card/Loyalty program is used to track and reward for your customers. The tracking data may include number of stores visits, purchase amounts, purchase frequency, card balance, and many more. In addition, detailed tracking system can protect against fraud and save the hassle of accounting task.